Like any good resolutionist, I have failed on my first goal of 2018. I wanted to post here once per week, but I totally missed last week. Go me! #SoStrong On the plus side, I’ve stuck to my other goals and while I did mention race goals in my year end wrap up I neglected to tell you all about some secret stuff I’ve got going on. Thus, I’ve decided on a confessions post. It’s overdue and I figured you all don’t judge me, right? Right!?

Let’s get started on those confessions, mkay?

Confession 1: I hurt my back last week, but it’s better now. I don’t know why this is a confession, but it is. Mostly because I’ve never hurt my back and I felt like an old lady for telling anyone. I think I slightly strained it while lifting massive weights. AKA the 45 lb bar with no weights on it. Womp. It doesn’t hurt at all now – thankfully!

Confession 2: I need to lose some L-B’s. I ate with reckless abandon in December and quite frankly, a few months prior to December and my clothes were getting real, real tight. I was feeling very self conscious and uncomfortable not to mention, I think dropping a few will help lighten my running load. Happy to report that I’ve lost four pounds in four weeks. I’ve been watching what I eat and… this leads me to…

Confession 3: I had to give up fast food. Yes. I had a fast food problem. I am embarrassed to admit this but my McDonald’s breakfast runs and Taco Bell dinner extravaganzas were getting out of hand. Don’t look at me like that. That shit is delicious. Is it it total and utter garbage? Absolutely. Which is why I’ve gone cold turkey. No fast food for 2018. I’m making the exception of Starbucks, because coffee is life and their food doesn’t really entice me, but other than that – no place with a drive thru. I am a sucker for convenience and in this day and age that usually means unhealthy., And please don’t tell me I can order a salad. Pfft. I’d rather not even attempt to order healthy at a drive thru.

Drive Thru Attendant: “Hi, what can we get you today?”
Me: “I’ll take a salad with… bahahahaha JK JK. Get me a #5 with….”

Confession 4: 22 days of no fast food hasn’t been easy! How sad is that?

Confession 5: I’m sweating as I type this because the fast food thing is super embarrassing! I do pride myself on trying to set a good example for others, so of course, this bad habit of mine was hidden and I did some shame car eating. (I definitely have some food issues that I am working on!) I am the type of person who will work out over eating right and now that I’m 32 35 37, I know I can’t just work out a ton and expect to look the same way I did at 27. I grew up on fast food and it’s always been a struggle to avoid it.

Confession 6: I love the bike trainer and I don’t care who knows it. I don’t even really want to ride outside anymore. I think this is probably bad for my bike anxiety but man, I love the trainer.

Confession 7: Unlike most of my Floridian friends, I don’t want this winter to end. We’ve had such great, cold-for-us weather that I’ll be sad when I am dripping buckets of sweat during the summer months. I tend to run hot in general so I think that is why I love it. I wore shorts on my long run this weekend and I heard some women running by comment on it. It made me laugh, I just get so hot so easily. Always have. Keep the winter coming!

Confession 8: While I do love this cold, I could really use a tan. My summer tri tan is long gone and I confess I miss the days of fake n bake. Am I the worst right now or what? Fast food and tanning booths! I admit I haven’t used a tanning booth since 2002 and won’t use one again. But I sure will get myself a spray tan!

Confession 9: I am feeling lighter after having shared all of this with you guys. All five of you must be super excited about how gross I am!

I am going to truly try my best to avoid the drive thrus and while I know I can totally get crap food at other places, the first step for me was saying no to my usual faves. I will miss you McGriddle, McMuffin, soft taco with hot sauce and cinnamon twists, but it was time we parted ways. I will promise to keep you all posted if I fall off the wagon so long as you all promise to continue to feign interest in my eating habits. Feel free to let me know in the comments if you have any confessions you need to share. It always feels good to get stuff off of your chest, even if it’s a McRib. (Not really, I don’t eat those, I’m not a monster.)

Here’s Florence in a onesie just because:

Thanks for reading!