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Ok, now on to the real meat of this post.
As always, I like to be honest with you all and I’m hopeful this doesn’t come off terribly, but I’m just not into triathlon right now. I have no desire to ride my bike and only a little inkling to get in the pool. And on top of all that I am debating selling my bike. The shame.
Race emails are starting to pour in with discounts and friends posting on social media about the triathlons they’ll do next season. I read them and feel very flat when I think about racing a triathlon. I assume this is typical burn out but I wonder if I should truly be this burnt out? Yes, an ironman is HUGE in terms of training but I always figured I’d want to keep competing and do have some unfinished business with the half ironman.
I do not want to ride my bike.
Spin class? Sure. Hop on a stationary for a bit? Fine.
But, I just don’t want to schlep my bike to the trail and log any major mileage rides.
I feel bad because part of it is that I know I’ll have to put in A LOT of work to get to where I truly want to be. And even then, will I be satisfied and happy and most importantly, enjoy riding the bike? Tough to say.
Hence, the thoughts of selling it. I see it sitting in the garage all sad and I just keep thinking it’s really better off with someone who will love to head out and ride their face off. In consulting with friends they’ve all told me to wait. And I suppose that is the wisest thing to do for now.
Could I completely quit triathlon? Maybe. Will I be sad watching the S.O. and friends race without? Maybe.
What I do know, right now, for certain, is that I’m enjoying doing things I want to do: run, yoga, strength train, SLEEP!
Any thoughts on this friends?