So here it is. Official first post. Let’s begin shall we?

I am officially in week one of training for marathon number three. The Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C.

As per usual, I have been slightly slacking. I swore this would be the week of a new, improved B.o.B. A hard core B.o.B. But alas, Sunday I went to the Magic Game with my friend the Architect and Monday I was just feeling the Memorial Day long weekend malaise (well of course, both of these things took ALL day). On Tuesday I attempted to run and got about one mile out when lightning struck. Needless to say, I headed back to my car while the hard core of my running group kept going. Yesterday, Wednesday (stay with me here), actually worked out pretty well. I ran a great six miler on the dread-mill and felt good until I stepped off and my shins were screaming. From the recommendation of fellow blogger, Redhead Running, I got some Tiger Balm. If shins can feel delicious, then that’s what they did.

This brings me to today. I met the running group at the track and decided to attempt three to four half mile sprints. First of all, it’s hot as bajeezus. Second of all, my shins were still not really wanting to cooperate. I made it through three at the desired pace and proceeded to grouse about it. A new member of the group heard me and had me sit down so that he could help me stretch them. To my embarrassment, he held my foot with one hand and my knee with another and I swear he must have seen the leg hair from where he was sitting. He went to touch my shin to explain something to me but all I could hear was, “My God does this girl need to shave!” He didn’t say it and was very polite and super helpful. Sadly, this morning, I said the one thing to myself that all single ladies say when we leave the house in the morning and were too tired to shave, “Who’s going to be touching my legs today anyway?”