Lloyd here. Typing is hard with paws, so if there are any typos…I don’t care. Alos, any misspellings are because I am a dog. And I also don’t care. I’m old and tired. Sue me.

Rockin’ my summer ‘do.
I’ve been with Mom for 13 years now and I’ve seen her do all sorts of wacky stuff. Remember that time she contorted all over the living room and said it was called pie-lattes? She got all worked up about it and I’m guessing it’s because there were neither pies nor lattes. Much to my dismay actually. I can always go for a pie.
I digress.
My mom is once again up to some new form of weird human sweating thing. She keeps sitting on her bike in the living room and coming home smelling like one of those big, blue water tub things. Personally, I’m not much into water so I stay away from any large amounts of it. 
She keeps telling me about some sort of metal thing. What’d she call it? Tinman? No. That’s not right. It was…ironman. Yeah, ironman. That’s it. Apparently she is going to be an ironman or something. I’m behind her 110% so long as she continues with the food and belly rubs.
I will never understand you humans. You’re always rushing about and “doing.” I’m here to tell you that “not doing” is pretty underrated. I love not doing all day. I wake up, head outside for a little territory marking, maybe eat a little breakfast, and then not do for about six to seven hours. It’s basically the best non-thing ever. Sure, I’ll play fetch when I feel like, or because mom seems like she wants to throw stuff, but mostly I enjoy not doing. This includes snoozing, of course.
You two-leggers need to know that it’s ok to not do sometimes. If you are in the mood to relax and not do a thing but sit on your hind legs and snooze, it’s totally cool. I have to remind Mom this sometimes and I usually trick her into sitting down by giving her the big, ol puppy dog eyes.
I know you all are going to keep doing your snouts off, but just promise me you’ll remember to not do every now and again, ok? It’s good for the soul.
Now somebody go get me a pie.