Happy December! I cannot believe it’s December. Every year goes by faster doesn’t it? I miss the days of elementary school when days seemed so much longer. December always makes me a little melancholy because I miss my dad and the holidays just aren’t the same without him. Fortunately, my nephew, who was named after my dad, has brought such a bright light of joy into our family and it’s wonderful having a baby to celebrate the holidays with. They make it so much fun, don’t they?
Now on to the stats!
Run 153 miles. Due to my massage and some heel pain, I went down in running mileage this week. All good because I want to get to the marathon start line healthy.

Bike What is this bike thing you speak of?

Swim 7 miles. Same as last month. My good intentions keep getting thwarted by a closed pool.

Races Turkey Trot 5K and 10K

Current Reads I fell completely off the reading wagon. It’s awful but I’ve just been watching TV. Can you believe that? Haha.

Current Obsession Staying healthy! Pass the hand sanitizer!

Current Song I’m sad to admit it but I love the K$sha and Pitbull song “Timber.” I’m also digging Paramore’s “Still into you.” What can I say? I’m a pop music junkie.

Current Need Fruits and veggies! After this long weekend, I’m in need of some healthy eats.

Current Triumph My 5K PR which I really, truly needed for the confidence boost.

Current Bane of My Existence My sore heels. They continue to bother me after long runs.

Cuurent Goal Last month was nutrition and I did ok with the exception of last week. Yikes. This month’s goal is again to stay healthy. Do we see a trend here?

Current Indulgence Christmas shopping! (And maybe throwing in a few items for myself…)

Current Blessings After spending the holiday with my family, I am reminded how truly blessed I am to have been given such a loving and fun family. I heart them.

Current Excitement A mini-vacation with the S.O. to Orlando two weeks!

How did your month shape up? Ready for the holidays?