I admit that I am THE worst goal setter of all time. It’s not that I don’t follow through with goals, ok it’s that too, but it’s mostly that I just don’t bother setting any real ones. First of all, they stress me out. Looking at mileage numbers for the year gives me sweaty palms. Second, I never make time to track the goals I make in the first place and I lose all sense of goals come mid-February. Go me. Third, I normally set some abstract goals, like “be a better person” or “don’t crap your pants during a run again” but I think that’s where I am falling short. I need to be more specific.

Since I’ve been blog stalking every one’s goals and what not I was trying to think of a way that I could work on goal keeping without it becoming overwhelming and making me feel like a loser if I can’t keep them all up throughout the year. I’m not sure I can actually do this but I will at least start by writing them down and reviewing them with my monthly stats post. If they just all of the sudden just disappear, you’ll know I said eff that shiz ate Taco Bell. Heh.

Ok. Here they are, in no particular order:
1. Goal: Eat at home more. To achieve it: Try to cook dinner at least three times per week.
2. Goal: Bring lunch to work more. To achieve it: Maybe three times per week on this one too? 
3. Goal: Read more. Oh, dear lord, I need this. I love reading. I’m thinking this is going to be tough come serious Ironman training time but I’ll see what I can do. To achieve it: Not sure. Buy books? Poop more? Any tips here guys?
4. Goal: Ride. My. Bike. This goes without saying because I stand to make up the most ground on the bike this year. I want to commit to at least three times per week on the bike. The trainer totally counts. To achieve it: Hire triathlon coach who requires weekly reports. HOORAY! I already did this. Get used to me talking about Navy Steve again. He’s going to make me ride my bike. A lot.
5. Goal: Strength train. To achieve it: I’m working this out still. Possibly hire a personal trainer, work with friends who are trainers, or find some sort of classes that help me out.

6.  Goal: Save money. To achieve it: See goals 1 & 2. And also, pay myself first. No more buying magazines every time I grocery shop!

I think that’s enough. I think these are manageable. I think the hardest ones are going to be number one through six.

Happy New Year!