Man y’all. I’ve been super busy every since I quit my job. Ha! Yep. I quit my nine to five to work my other jobs full time. What other jobs? Well, now I’m handling social media for the Best Damn Race, doing social media ad buying for a local ad agency, triathlon/run/swim coaching, and freelancing. It was a big leap of faith, but the greatest things in life usually are. It’s been three weeks and so far so good! But…did I mention it’s keeping me busy? I love it and can’t wait to share more with you all as I get further into my journey of random part-time/self employment.

I have another BIG announcement! I made Team Smashfest Queen for 2017 and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been racing in Smashfest Queen since 2014 and I adore my kit (I have the Fast N Loud). I also love, love, love the company and it’s owners that I may fangirl just a tiny bit. Being on this team means not only do I get to rep in the SFQ gear, but also connect with SFQ pros & Smashfest Queens around the world.


Run 102 miles – How did that happen? Ha!

Bike 76 miles

Swim 5 miles

Strength & Conditioning 1 session (and it hurt like a mofo!)

Races Longleaf Oly Tri & University of Tampa Master’s Swim Meet (I’m on the left below in my zombie cap & swim suit…for Halloween of course.)


Current Reads I must confess that I haven’t read a thing since last month. Eek! I have books piled up that I reeeeeaaaallly want to read but I’ve been having trouble finding making the time. I love reading so I’ll get back to it this month.

Current Obsession Learning more about social media. My main gigs have really increased my need for knowledge of social media and while I feel like I have a good handle on it, I can definitely learn more. Buying ads on social media is really fun and I don’t know if that makes me an old person or a young person for saying that. Haha!

Current Song Starboy by The Weekend. The S.O. loooooves this song and I love that he loves it and sings it whenever it’s on. It’s cute. Plus, yes, I love it too.

Current Need Last month I wanted more time to train and coach…and voila! Thanks universe. I don’t need a thing right now.

Current Triumph Not DNFing the trail race yesterday that I may have considered for a split second because it scared the sh*t out of me during a VERY tough and technical session. So I told myself DEATH BEFORE DNF and was triumphant!

Current Bain of My Existence Big, ugly scrape on my arm that I got from a tree I used to break my fall at aforementioned race. It was either grab the tree or go downhill into some nasty looking water. That tree may have scraped me up, but it saved me from much worse. In any event, it’s on my forearm and I can’t stop accidentally bumping it. The whole house is going to be covered in Neosporin by the time I’m healed.

Current Goal A fast and fun Turkey Trot.

Current Indulgence As of yesterday it was Halloween candy. I’m happy to report we gave it to a neighbor to take to her office. It was too tempting to have around the house and office.

Current Blessings All of the above!

Current Excitement Heading to Nola to see my family and Thanksgiving. November is a pretty stellar month. Oh, and the elections will be over! FINALLY.