I’m so sad it’s November. My favorite holiday has passed and we now enter the lunacy of the holiday season. I will miss my skulls, pumpkins, and scary movies. Farewell, October. I shall miss you.
Run 168 miles. Take that marathon training!
Bike 25miles. Yikes. Nothing to see here…keep it moving…
Swim 7 miles. Not sure how I went down a mile from last month. Crap!
Current Reads Catch-22, which I stupidly left in Florida while travelling and need to pick back up. I bought a pretty terrible James Patterson book called Private London in the airport and it’s mindless and entertaining. I just keep reading it because it’s good for all the wrong reasons.
Current Obsession Running calculators. I can’t stop looking at them and trying to figure out a goal pace for the Jacksonville Marathon. Which one do you prefer?
Current Song Avicii “Wake Me Up”
Current Need A new pair of Brook’s Ravenna’s. I put my order in with my coach. They’ll come just in time for Jacksonville. They’ll be like Goldilocks. Worn just the right amount.
Current Triumph A successful 20 mile long run while in DC.
Current Bane of My Existence Fitting in my swim for the Frogman. I’m just not getting it in and it’s making me worry. I need November to be a strong swim month! (In addition to my marathon training!)
Cuurent Goal So last month I wanted to get in all my workouts. I did pretty well with running but fell off with swimming and cycling. This month I need to focus on nutrition. I’m trying to get a bit leaner before Jacksonville. It’s gonna be tough with all of the holiday food that starts popping the middle of this month.
Current Indulgence Halloween candy! But, I’m telling it buh-bye.
Current Blessings I’m feeling healthy and strong! I hope this carries through November.
Current Excitement Tonight’s 5K, Sunday’s Half Marathon, and seeing my favorite Redhead this month!

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy November! (Yikes. Where has the year gone?)