Let’s get right to it!

Run 61 miles

Bike 0 miles (this felt fantastic! hahaha.)
Swim 2 miles
Strength Body Pump twice
Yoga three hot yoga classes, and one Yoga for Athletes class
Races Nada

Current Reads Not a thing. I know, awful. I’m trying to find something to read. I’m feeling like a horror genre read right now. The new Anne Rice may do it. Perhaps a newer Stephen King? Thought?
Current Obsession All my running stats and numbers. Since my training has become a lot more technical, I’m really digging all the stats. 
Current Song I love Sam Smith and everything that comes out from him makes me happy. I want him to be my real life bestie. “I’m not the only one” is on repeat in my car.

Current Need
I actually need to get some extra rhinestones for my Elvis costume for Rock N Roll. I also need some sunglasses and lots of hair spray.

Current Triumph Eating my lunch at work for the past two weeks. I have been buying groceries every Monday on my lunch break to keep at my office. I go to Trader Joe’s and have been saving a ton of money and calories. I’m really happy with this little system I’ve worked out.  
Current Bane of My Existence Work stuff. Enough said.
Current Goal A new Turkey Trot 5K PR. That’s gonna hurt.
Current Indulgence Not that much really, I was pretty good about Halloween candy and only bought a bag of Twizzlers that I can easily skip. I did eat a frosted pumpkin shaped cookie on Halloween. My boss bought it for me so I figured I had to.
Current Blessings The S.O. He just makes me happy.
Current Excitement Viva Las Vegas!
Almost the end of the year. Can you believe it?