How is it already Thursday? This week has really flown by! I don’t have anything special to share today just a few odds and ends. 

First and foremost, I almost got creamed by a car on my run this morning. I was running through a turn into an apartment complex and a car turning right must not have seen me. I glanced back and thought they were going straight. We both kept going and I jumped back in time and the driver screeched to a halt. Fortunately, the driver was a very nice man who told me sorry and I told him sorry and we both stopped to catch our hearts which had fallen out of our butts. I definitely should have had a back light on running in the dark, even though I did have a headlamp on. Safety first people. Running on a sidewalk is very dangerous when it’s dark out.

Oddly enough, last night on my easy run, I talked to the owner of a local women’s running store. She showed me the Nathan LightSpur. I think I’ll be picking one of these up this weekend.

Secondly, I’m seeing a marked improvement on my runs. At track on Tuesday I hit the full workout with the times I was shooting for. The workout was 2 x 400, 2 x 800, and 2 x 1,200. I gritted my teeth on those 1,200’s and hung on.  Then to my complete shock I opted to run the “optional mile.” I can count on my hand the times I’ve done this optional mile. I normally skip it since the workouts are hard as it is. I told Coach I needed to run this mile alone or I’d over think it. I wound up running this mile in 7:35 and I’m quite proud of that.

Finally, tomorrow is Run at Work Day hosted by the Road Runners Club of America. I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow with that. I didn’t build it into my training plan and my legs need some recovery before my Saturday long run. I suppose I could jog a couple of miles and still participate. What are you going to do? 

Have a great weekend everyone! And stay safe out there!