Today’s run brought to you by…No Run At All!

Yeah, that’s right. No long run for me today. It appears as though Old Wonky has decided to stay for a bit. While he’s not being a total pain, he is annoying the hell out of me. I need him to go away like that little mucus guy from those gross commercials.

Um, hellooo I have a triathlon on Saturday. What gives?

Well, I self-diagnosed myself, as we runners are wont to do and here’s what I found. The Old Wonky tends to hang out under my ankle bone on the outer part of my foot. This tendon is called the peroneus longus. Heh. The name of it makes me laugh. Anyway, that is where my pain is. And sure enough, according to this site it’s pain is caused by “running along slopes causing excessive eversion (rolling out) of the foot.

DAMN YOU GANGSTER HILLS! I always knew there was sniper on those hills.

Fortunately, I feel that I am paying better attention this go ’round and have learned to ease up before it gets worse. So instead of my long run this AM I rode the bike 16 miles. (Hey that’s a lot for me!) In any event I’ll be right until Saturday and then it’ll be a game day decision. I know I can gut out a 5K run but I don’t want to knock myself out of training for MCM.