This is the longest I’ve gone without writing a blog post since I started DR way back in 2009. With my new job, post race workouts (or lack thereof), and a busy Halloween month schedule, I’ve been preoccupied. I’m not saying “Oh, I’m so important” or anything, I just really haven’t had much to say or the desire to sit in front a computer for anything more than social media and zombie farming. (Ohmahgawd, if you haven’t played Zombie Farm you are missing out.)
I did go to Miami last weekend for spectating and it was super fun. I’m still not keen on doing any other races south of Tampa but I enjoyed every minute of spectating for a large group of friends. I may or may not have eaten like it was my race the days before and after. I one hundred percent drank my weight in Cafe Con Leches.
My spectator signs were big hits and many other spectators asked to take photos of them. I got a few chuckles from the athletes but I think many of them were so in the zone and focusing on the race because it was really hot out there.

I’ve decided to run a 5K tonight with Big Sis. It’s her first race post Mcbaby and I’m so happy to be there with her. I haven’t decided if I’m going to race or pace her. I know I’m not anywhere near PR shape so it sorta makes me want to pace. Then again. I do like to go fast and not racing because I may not PR is dumb.

Coming up I’m going to throw in a half marathon and keep on getting ready for Ragnar. My IT band has been feeling fine at track but we’ll see how it goes once I hit some longer runs. I really miss long runs right now and can’t wait to get past the ten mile mark. I’m shooting for ten on Saturday and am making a short trip to my old stomping grounds to see my OG’s in the BRA (Brandon Running Association).

I’m sure there are lots of races this weekend but the two big ones that stick out to me are the NYC Marathon and the Florida Ironman. I hope everything goes ok in New York considering how badly that girl Sandy treated them. Not nice.

Best of luck to everyone to everyone racing this weekend! Get some!