Boy, what a crazy weekend I had! It was crazy fun, but I’m totally zonked today. Let’s recap shall we?

Friday night I headed to the YMCA for a swim and got about 30 minutes in. I was just swimming for time to try and build up my endurance. It was pretty chilly that day so I was thankful for the heated pool and warm shower after.

Saturday AM I got up and headed out for my 10 miler which is to become pretty standard during the tri training season. After the run and breakfast with my running buds, I headed to the Ironman store in town since I needed a wetsuit and they were having a big tent sale. Score!

I wound up trying on a couple more wetsuits and got two new cycling jerseys. I finally found a wetsuit that was long enough and wasn’t choking me. I went with a sleeveless one because I want that range of motion. I know most folks like having the added buoyancy of the arms but I already feel constricted, so I went sleeveless. Needless to say, this tri stuff is expensive! My iPad budget just got cut. Waaah!

Saturday PM I headed to Orlando to see YES! in concert. Sure, it’s an older band, but they are pretty good. Plus it was free and I got to hang out in some old stomping grounds. BONUS!

You exhausted yet? No? Me either apparently, cause I got up before the roosters on Sunday and went to be the volunteer coordinator at the Shamrock 5K & 10K that my running group, the BRA, sponsors. I know we have discussed how awesome volunteering can be and this race was no different. As the official Volunteer Coordinator I tried to make sure that everyone station was manned. Since it’s a fairly small race and lots of great volunteers my job wasn’t too difficult. I worked at the 2 and 5 mile markers yelling out the times.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of folks who said thanks as I shouted “Mile 2! Race time: 11:20, 11:21, 11:22!” It made me feel great when folks said thanks even though they were racing. Next time you race, if you can, thank a volunteer. They’ll appreciate it as much as you appreciate them.

And finally on Sunday after the race me and five other tri ladies headed out to Ft de Soto for an OWS (open water swim). It must have been funny seeing six women in wetsuits walking down the beach because people were staring. One group stopped us because they had a friend visiting from Alaska and he wanted to take a photo with us. Of course we obliged and it was pretty funny!

Overall, I don’t mind the wetsuit but I can’t see myself wearing it unless I have to. The good news is that it appears I will have to at my upcoming tris so the money I spent won’t be wasted. Plus, I’m sure when the water gets churning from all of the other swimmers, I’ll be thankful for that buoyancy I felt I didn’t need when the water was calm.

Today, I’m tired. Are you surprised? Heh. Hopefully I can get one more post in before my vacation this week but if not I’ll catch you all when I get back. I’m headed to Cali on Wednesday for some non-running, non-tri vacation time. (I’m sure I’ll get a run in but other than that it’s In-N-Out Burger all the way!)