The last time I had actual, honest-to-goodness, long runs were the first week of January. Then, the heel happened. I took the next week off, save for a short, slow “test run.” The week after that, I did the always boring fun DWR (deep water running) for the first half of the week, and then a very short and slow “test run” that Sunday. Things were feeling better! I went to the podiatrist and got some inserts and got in a few runs the beginning of last week. But as my luck would have it, come Thursday last week, I came down with a yucky cold and had to jalk the 10K in New Orleans. This brings us to this week. FINALLY the cold is gone AND the heel feels good.
I ran a full three miles this morning in what feels like forever and man, do I feel slow. Again. Sigh.
I am not a patient person. I know it’s a virtue and all that and I really do try, but I come from parents who are also a bit on the impatient side. Can you see us on family road trips? It was slightly terrifying and hysterical all at the same time. You know, like a normal family. Haha.
I digress. I want to be back to where I was a month ago. Is that too much to ask? I’ve dealt with injury before and going into this one I knew I could handle it, and I’ve been doing really well not getting too grouchy by being sidelined for a bit. Us runners hate not running, don’t we? 
I’m very hopeful that this was just a little bump in the road for my 2015 running year and I do realize just how good I have it to be able to run at all. I’m still working on that patience thing though. I found this quote helpful and I’m going to post it to my cube wall:
“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”
Lao Tzu

How’s your patience? What do you do to work on it?