Since I officially ended my birthday festivities on Saturday it’s time to re-group. I was going to extend my birthday throughout the month, but after Saturday’s many drinks and dancing, I’m closing the book on it. I’m beat.

I’m so glad March is almost here and I’ve got so much stuff to look forward to. While March means lots of training it also means lots of college hoops and a baby shower for Big Sis. Also, I’m going to pace a work buddy at his very first 5K. I have been helped at a lot of races from various pacing buds and I’m stoked to finally return the favor. In addition to pacing, I’ll be volunteering before and after that very same race. St Patty’s Day pay it forward, here I come!

This weekend is the mother of all Tampa running race weekends – GASPARILLA! ARGGH! If you recall, in the past I ran the Gasparilla full marathon before they canceled it two years ago. Fortunately, they still have four other races to choose from. I feel fortunate that these distances aren’t ones I typically run. This means guaranteed PR on my first ever 15K and it’s only my second time running an 8K so we’ll see how that goes. Thus, I selected the mini challenge (Select 55 Mini Challenge, just to name the sponsor I suppose). I thought about doing the all four races thing but then I remembered I was not insane. Ha!

I’ll be lacing up for the 15K on Saturday and then again on Sunday for the 8K. I’m happy to share these events will all of my local running friends. It really is like a big party for runners. Plus, the pirate theme is a total bonus. When else can you say booty all day long and not get really strange looks? Ken, don’t answer that.

That’s all for now folks. Hope you all are having a great week thus far!