I think I may have confused some of you. My tri is not until THIS Saturday. As in the 31st. So we still have a week of posts about me fretting and stressing and putting mascara on my third eye. What now what? Let me splain.

Yesterday a small group of us headed to the military base (thanks to Navy Steve) to take a nice OWS (open water swim) in the Bay. Let me start by saying that I really appreciated the chance to get in an OWS and practice my sighting. Sighting is what triathletes do while swimming to see where they are going and make sure they are headed in the correct direction. Damn ocean doesn’t have any lines on the bottom like the pool. Perhaps the oil will correct that. I kid, I kid. Anyway, the Bay is not exactly the cleanest place to swim.

While swimming we all joked about growing a third eye and becoming mutants. I was secretly hoping that the mutant water would heal my foot/ankle so that I could feel better about the run portion of the tri. I’m still in a bit of a quandary about the tri actually. I still feel small twinges of the tendinitis, however, not nearly as bad as I felt the first time it flared up. But these twinges are messing with my confidence as well as my training. I hope I don’t push it and knock myself out of MCM (AGAIN). I’m going to rest it until the very last minute. I haven’t run since last Tuesday. Perhaps I’ll give it a little jog on Thursday and pray (and R.I.C.E.) that it’s better. I will not have all of this crazy bike training be for naught.

Speaking of tri’s, August’s Runner’s World has a phenomenal section on triathlons and it’s helped calm my nerves. A bit. I’m actually more nervous about this tri than I think any other race I’ve done. I think it’s because it’s so foreign to me. And of course because Old Wonky is messing with my run. And we all know that the run portion is where us runners feel the most confident. I guess I’ll keep resting and thinking and let you all know where I end up as the week goes on.

It’s small potatoes in the grand scheme of things but I’d really like to race. We’ll see how it goes. Have a great Monday. May your Monday be as fast as your tempo run.