The tri training continues and yesterday I managed to get in a 1,000 meters at the pool. I wanted to run afterward but my buddy had us do such a tough workout that I was pooped.

While I still love the pool, I hadn’t actually done a “real” workout in quite some time. The last time I swam I did about 600 meters and kind of just took it easy. Yesterdays swim, not so much.

Upon arrival at the pool my buddy, Little J, and Caribbean Steve were also getting ready to get wet. Our buddy acted as our unofficial coach and told us to get started with a 200 meter warm up. No problem here and off we went.

Swimming is always such a nice break for me. I like that you can truly be in your head. There is nothing much to look at and you are just in your own thoughts while kicking and pulling along. I often find myself singing songs in my head. Goofy, I know, but I can’t help it. It’s always a different song too. Just whatever randomly pops in my head. Swimming is great for thinking. Honestly.

I swam in high school and feel very comfortable in the water. However, again since I haven’t had a real workout in a while I was feeling it during the 50 meter intervals we did. I used to be a sprinter in high school but felt a bit more comfortable during the 150’s we did.

Did you know you could sweat in the pool? It’s true! You can! I popped up at one point and said to Little J (she’s tiny, but she is a tri powerhouse), “I’m hot!” And I was. I was sweating and felt like I was in a bath tub.
Well, kids there you have it. Tri training continues. My arms and back are more sore than they have ever been and I may need some help washing my hair because of it. Hmm I wonder if my co-workers will notice when I start wearing hats?

Happy Monday.