Thanks for all of the wonderful comments on my uber long race report! I realized I forgot to mention that I did take a gel right before the swim line got moving, even though it was hard to choke down. And I also did a pre-race two mile run on Saturday morning. I opted not to ride my bike and just manually lift it up and run through the gears. I was way too nervous to ride around downtown Chattanooga.
Since I know some of you are heading toward your first ironman or rolling over the idea of one in your mind, I figured a Q & A post might be helpful. Or not. Ya know, whatever. Haha.
That’s a bouquet of unicorns!!!
Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I’ll answer them on Monday. You can ask about training, nutrition, race day, etc, etc. Just don’t ask about all the crap I have already eaten this week. 😉
Thanks again and have a great weekend!