Coming off of Sunday’s running high I hit the dreaded hills yesterday. The Plan called for 4 but I was barely making my times and my left shin was throbbing. I also got sweat in my eye after number 2 (owie). Listening to my body, I decided to call it a day at 3. Typically, I would be beating myself up about this but since I had such a great race on Sunday, I am not going to sweat it. Today, after all is another day (cue Gone With the Wind Tara’s theme).

I am still wearing my toe socks on my long runs and very much enjoy them. They seem to be helping my toes and are like a hug for each little piggy. I have been wearing Injinji, but there are a few other brands out there.

As this post is such an aromatic potpourri of topics I would like to direct your attention to the Redhead’s blog post today. It’s hilarious. I mean, hilarious if you laugh at your good friend’s pain like I do. (JK Redhead, hope your eye is better soon!)

The Redhead is coming for a visit next month and is going to do one of her long runs with the BRA. Stay tuned for those posts as I am sure hilarity will ensue, as it often does with us. NOTE: She refers to me as Crazy B.

Tonight I am headed to the Four Green Fields Pub run. It’s usually a fun run that is followed up with a beer or two. I should get 4 in today to get my week back on track. Four miles that is, not 4 beers.

UPDATE: Two Redhead sightings in ONE month. I have been talked in to heading her way for the 4th of July. Pics to follow….