Hello everybody! I took Sunday and Monday off from blogging because I was busy getting my Zombie on. First on Sunday I went to see the movie Zombieland. It was awesome. Then, I went to Halloween Horror Nights. It was also awesome.

I was so busy and tired yesterday that I couldn’t make it to blog land. I have lots of your wonderful lives to catch up on!

Since Running and I are working things out and getting comfortable again I decided to let you all in on some running stuff that I cannot live without. And of course it’s in list form, in no particular order. Hooray!

1. Gu. Strawberry Banana is tasty. I also enjoy the Vanilla Bean. It doesn’t upset my stomach, which can be very sensitive. I know some of you don’t love the Gu, but honestly I would eat it without running. Not that I have or anything….

2. Headsweats visors. While I never wear visors or hats in my everyday life I find that the headsweats brand does a great job of keeping the sweat out of my eyes. It also helps keep my Miner 49-er headlamp in place.

3. SPIbelt. This is a MUST have for long races. The pouch really expands to hold all the Gu’s, keys, cell phones, and other items that you need during the race. Plus, it’s pretty light and stretchy.

4. Women’s Running Magazine. Sure, this is a shameless plug. But it really is a great magazine. AND I will be at the booth in Detroit should you wish to get an autograph. (There will be a booth to get a subscription at most major marathons. Just you know, FYI.)

5. Hammer Endurolytes Capsules. Also known as ECaps, these are great for those of us who cannot stomach sports drinks. Tape them to a Gu for easy packing in your SPIbelt.

6. The Brandon Running Association (BRA). Sure, this is yet another shameless plug, but I love these people. They are more than just a running group to me. They are my friends.

7. Petzl Tikka Plus Soft Headlamp. This is the actual one I wear. Please refer to this Thankful Thursday for a full explanation.

8. Body Glide. For the love of God newbies, buy this product. It will save you a lot of pain and weirdness. Go buy it. Right now.

9. Nuun. I tried this product after the Redhead got some for herself and absolutely LOVE it. At first I thought it tasted weird but then I found myself really enjoying the flavor. Plus, once again, it doesn’t hurt my belly. Yay for no P.C.’s!

10. Champion Sports Bras from Target. Sorry boys, but I had to add this one. The Redhead and I both love these. They are priced great and run small/big enough for everyone. Well, I am not 100% certain on the big enough, but small enough for sure. Ha ha.

I am sure the list will grow, but for now I hope this helps some newbies and maybe some products on here that you veterans can test.

I leave Friday morning for Chicago and can barely contain myself! Get ready for some hilarity as the Redhead and I meet the Windy City.