As I mentioned last week, the S.O. and I randomly registered for a 5K on Father’s Day, aptly named The Great Father’s Day 5K. It wasn’t until after I registered that I noticed I the race started at 9 AM. Oh bugger. It was going to be sweltering.

Pre-Race. Butt photo bomb!
Here’s a quick Good, Bad, and Ugly of how it all went down.
The Good
Uhm. Well. I ran a 5K? I suppose you could say considering the conditions I did ok and I didn’t walk. I know this sounds ridiculous because walking in a 5K is frowned upon in some circles, but I kid you not, I wanted to walk so badly. Did I mention it was hot?
The race itself was well organized and ran smoothly. They had delicious frozen lemonade afterward and that was a real treat. 
The Bad
I ran some marvelous positive splits. I tried to start conservatively, which is almost impossible for me in a 5K. I saw my splits go 7:37, 8:05 and then a sad 8:09. I was shooting for a sub 24 but then the heat and humidity got the best of me and I went 24 and blah blah blah. Heh.

I’m in the white. Trying not to melt.
The Ugly
See above in the good where I wanted to walk. I got passed by my friend Mike and I think I sort of moaned, “I can’t….” I’m so dramatic. 
Overall, I had a fun day and even though that was probably one of the toughest 5K’s I’ve ever run, I can see that my strength and speed are coming back. I know that doesn’t seem the case since I ran slower than my last 5K but I think when I factor in the heat, I was off my target goal the right amount. I’ll be ready to go after some real PR’s come fall. 

Post race and all kinds of sweaty.

How was your weekend? Any races?