Upon looking at my calendar yesterday, I realized that I have registered for a race almost every single weekend in July. Thankfully July has five weekends or I definitely would have had a race every weekend. Hmm. What can I do the 24th and 25th? Kidding. Kinda.

I signed up for a 10K on July 4th that starts at midnight. (It goes from the 3rd to the 4th. If that makes sense.) Guess who else shall be racing this night? None other than Jamoosh from Last Mile Lounge. Of course he had to go all tough guy and top me by doing all three races that are offered that night, the 1 miler, the 5K, and the 10K. Here’s hoping I get to see him and Lady J out there.

I feel as though I can do all of these races because of all the cross training I am getting in. I may take it easy at either the 10K or the 5K so that I don’t burn out during my tri’s. These two upcoming tri’s may be my last ones until the 1/2 Ironman Relay…but then again, I have been a race addict lately so we’ll see.

In other news I got my ride in this morning since I missed one on Sunday. Dolly and I got up at 4:30 AM and headed out for 21 miles. I felt good this morning and realize that although I love the spin classes, I really just need to spend more time with Dolly. She misses me.

Looking forward I want to continue with my cross training but am a little skeptical that I’ll be up to it once I get into heavy running mileage for Miami. I can see myself sitting on the couch on my rest days thinking, “Nope. My ass is tired.” Heh. Another item we’ll have to see on. Any thoughts on this from those of you who cross train?

I leave you all with this quote I found by Albert Einstein seemed fitting: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”