I have once again subjected myself to van decorations for this year’s Ragnar Relay. And by subjected I mean volunteered and not taken any help from the many who have asked. Apparently, while I am a team player during the relay, all for one and one for all and such, I’m more of a lone wolf when it comes to van decorating. Like the Incredible Hulk, I’m destined to walk the earth decorating alone. Or something.

In any event, I began my van decorating mission this evening and had to call in some help from my roommate. Earlier today as I gathered my materials I wondered, how the heck big is the van? I mean, how will I know what size banners and crap to make? That’s where the neighborhood van owner came in. However, since I live in an apartment complex said “neighbor” is merely some dude who lives a few buildings down and unsuspectingly drives a van I need to measure.

I decided that a covert mission to measure said neighbor’s van was in order. I then politely asked the roommate to come help me and of course, document all of my hard work. He was not thrilled to be a part of this mission and was eager to get back to The Walking Dead (great show by the way). As my roommate was the look out/photo taker I measured the van and hoped it was the same size as the one we had rented. Upon closer inspection of this van, I have no idea if it’s close in size. It could be bigger. It could smaller. It doesn’t have windows on the sides, which I am pretty sure is in direct contrast to ours. So basically what I am getting at is ….

Mission Accomplished.

Hm. Why are there no windows back here?

Heh heh heh. I am so sneaky. Nothing to see here people. Keep it moving lady walking the Chihuahua.

I hate you and you will not take my photo.*

*No roommates were hurt in the making of this blog. Annoyed, yes. Hurt, no.