Oh where to start? First let me just say that this event is my new favorite running event. This is surprising for a few reasons.

1. I hate camping.
2. I looooooove sleeping.
3. I like looking pretty. (Hee hee!)

But against all of the above odds, I abso-freakin’-lutely LOVED Ragnar. A lot (most) of it had to do with my team. The 12 people on team Half Nuts had so much heart, humor, and love that it was like a perfect mix of athleticism and personality. In addition I learned many lessons from this race.

As you all know I was in van 2 with: Jesus John (or Caption Nuts), The Redhead, P-Funk, Caribbean Steve, and Shorty Shorts Jason (more on this later). As runner number 9, I had three runs totalling 16.9 miles. I didn’t quite understand the logistics of the vans until after we got started. Or actually, until after van 1 got started and we loitered at Barnes and Noble for about three hours. Ragnar lesson #1: B & N can be fun with six bored runners.

Basically, the team is split in two vans. The first van’s six runners do their first legs and then van two meets them and starts theirs. From there the vans leap frog until the finish. Make sense?
Caribbean Steve started us off after a smooth transition from John Steelbuns (who was in van one). After C Steve came Shorty Shorts Jason, then it was my turn. Both C Steve and SS Jason had great first legs!

Ok so my first leg started at about 6ish. It was a nice little 5.1 miler down a super high traffic highway. At night. Lots of cars. Kinda scary, not gonna lie. At two different points I looked at two drivers – straight in the eye- and made contact with them and they still drove ahead! Almost ran this little BoB over. Not. Cool. Ragnar Lesson #2: Some drivers are just shit heads.

However, on this leg I ran an average 8:14 minute mile pace (Who the hell is this new speedy BoB?). I also chicked a dude who, from outwardly appearance, I swore was going to be way ahead of me. Ragnar Lesson #3: Never judge a runner by their appearance.

I finished my run and it was time for P-Funk to get her hills on. Holy. Crap. P-Funk had the leg known as “Hills are for Heroes.” Just driving the hills she ran freaked me out. She did amazing and kept a super quick, steady pace. So proud of my little P-Funk.

Up next was the Redhead. She, of course, killed her leg. I’ll let her tell the story of her runs on her blog.

After Redhead, was Jesus John who brought us in strong to the first main van exchange. At this point we turned the race over to van 1 and got some shut eye.
Thankfully Jesus John had a huge tent and brought me a sleeping bag.

A note on Jesus John and Caribbean Steve. These two are characters. Like a loveable and hilarious dynamic duo, they had us laughing the entire time. Jesus John taught the island man, Steve, how to pitch a tent. Yeah, of course the joke about teaching someone “to pitch a tent” never got old, but Steve was legitimately excited about learning how to do this as he was never taught as a child. It was too funny!

I actually got some sleep. Oh, and in case you were wondering, apparently, I am one of those people who can sleep in very odd positions and at any time. Go me.

Stayed tuned for leg two and photos!

Hope you all had great weekends! Gotta catch up on your lovely blogs and lives!