Van 1 finished up at about 11:40ish, giving the sun just enough time to really work up it’s mojo. Believe you me, it was hot on Saturday. Even a man who goes by the name CARIBBEAN Steve, was toasty. His first leg ran him straight through the hood. He obviously didn’t mind, cause, well he’s a brother.

Up next was Shorty Shorts Jason. Jason got this nickname because right about this time he decided to put on his “fast” shorts. Which, may or may not have shown a wee bit too much thigh. Then again, I have seen much worse on the beach and Jason is super fit!
SS Jason and C Steve showing off their respective abs.

Shorty Shorts Jason overtook two runners and also ran great despite the heat. I was up next. Oy.
This 7.6 miler was tough for me. It was about 1:50 in the afternoon, not a lot of shade for the first 5 miles, and I was just plain tired. As I was running I thought of BRA Zen Runner Tam, who is serving in Iraq. She used to run hills with me and say, “Just put one foot in front of the other BoB.” I kept repeating this and thinking about her serving her country and it really helped me. I would do it for Tam! By mile 6 I felt strong again and knew I could push it. I wound up passing two runners (who were actually run/walking, so I’m not that cool). My average pace was a 9:17. Not what I had hoped, but I’ll take it.

Me handing off to P-Funk.

I handed off to P-Funk who flew past 3 runners on a nice little three miler. She handed off to the Redhead who ran a very respectable if not annoying 6.3 miler. Let’s just say traffic lights were not nice to our Red. (See her blog for details.)

Finally our last runner brought us in.

All in all, for the team that just wanted to have fun, we wound up doing very well. We came in 26th out of 113 teams over all. We came in 12th out of 65 teams in the open-mixed division. Half Nuts kicked butts!

Team Half Nuts

Van 2 for life!