If you are a Gaga fan then you know the title of this blog post and are already humming “Bad Romance” (or if you are like me you are full on belting it in front of your ‘puter). I must say, I love Gaga. I am a total Lady Gaga fan and I don’t really care to discuss her oddities and political stance, the girl has talent.

I say this because I was fortunate enough to see her perform before she got HUGE. You see, a couple of years ago the Lady performed at a small venue in town. She was singing her hit “Just Dance” but it hadn’t really exploded at the time. Of course, the venue was full of those of us cool kids in the know (AKA me and the Gays, who I heart). As Lady Gaga came out I had no idea she would be so theatrical and I also didn’t know she could actually sing. Live! And play the piano! Now, granted she is a pop star and doesn’t have much to compete with much these days (Christina forgets the National Anthem and Brit Brit isn’t quite the same as she was) but the woman has talent all the same.

Ok, so what the heck does my love of the leotard wearing Gaga have to do with running? Uh, not a whole lot actually. But I am going to see her Saturday night! And I have kick ass seats. My BIL got my sister and I tickets in a fancy pants suite with food and drinks. Hooray! (Yes, we’ll call a cab, don’t worry.)

I’m currently taking outfit suggestions and wonder how I can incorporate some Gaga into my triathlon. I mean, she does wear bathing suits in public a lot ….

So if you happen to be at my tri on Saturday morning and I’m running by singing “Baby, I was born this waaaay!” Don’t be alarmed. I’m just super excited to see Lady Gaga!