W-T-F is up with this weather?

I got home yesterday and was unsure as to whether or not I was going to make my run. Luckily, by the time I got to the meet up spot with the BRA it had slowed to a drizzle. I am still kind of hesitant on running in the rain. While I like dirty shoes, I don’t like having to dry them out. We had a new person show up for the run and since she didn’t know the way I was happy to hang with her. It was a recovery 5 miler for me anyway so no need to push it.

Due to the rain we were all over the place dodging puddles the size of pools. It was actually kind of fun and we likened it to a trail run. Taking advantage of the cloud coverage and cooler temps was also quite nice.

This morning I woke to a torrential downpour. Holy biblical weather, Batman! When I went to take the attack terrier Lloyd outside he just looked at me as if to say, “Ninja, please.” So back inside we went.

On my 30 minute commute to work I saw two electric poles get struck by lightning. My step mom sent out an email to make sure we all made it to work safely. My mom sent me a text that said “PLEASE BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.” That’s how bad it was.

Hopefully the rain god will cease and desist with this assault by this evening as I’ve got a 7 mile MLR.

Stay dry peeps (unless you are nuts like the rest of us runners and scoff at the wetness of your soggy socks).