Hey you running fools! I am sorry I haven’t posted sooner but it’s been busy here in B.o.B.land.

B.o.B.land, where the running is hot and the chicks are cool….

Uh, sorry about that. A little detour of what B.o.B.land would be like just popped in my head. Anyway…. I had a superb weekend. It started out a little iffy as my 10 miler left something to be desired since I slept like poo on Friday night. I had a bad case of over thinkin’-itis and couldn’t sleep. Lame.

I got through the 10 with some help from Hollster and P-Funk. They are such a great group and really keep ya going.

Then on Saturday, I travelled to the middle of the state to see the Redhead and my new “niece” Maddie. I basically stared at Maddie for a few hours and worked on my biceps holding her. She’s a big girl! But oh so beautiful. She just snoozed and pooped while I held her. (Some life huh?)

After our stop with Maddie, Red and I did some shopping and then headed to this event called “Chillounge.” It’s basically an outdoor bar event with a few entertainers (body painted people and some old guys rapping). It was fun, but odd. See below as an example. No, don’t look at me, look at the woman behind me. And yes, I am holding two drinks, but one is Reds.

The night was pretty much filled with hilarity and I’m sure Red will go into more detail. I’ll post a link to her recap as soon as it’s up. (It’s up, go HERE.) Until next post I leave you with this…

Red + B.o.B. = 4 Eva!