They say that you never forget your first love. Well, I don’t know who “they” are, but they are right. I have been reunited with my first love. And it feels so good.

How our reunion began:

Saturday’s run went according to plan. I did a little over 1o miles (10.41) at a 9:48 pace. Works for me.

Sunday I decided to join some of the BRA for a swim at my old stomping grounds. You see, I was once a swimmer. Me and the pool were one. We fell in love and had a great relationship. Actually, I was a pretty good swimmer. I was the team captain in high school and made it to states my senior year on the relay team. After I graduated high school and moved on to college my first love and I broke up. I was ready for new loves (beer and football). So like most first loves, we lost touch.

I figured that I hadn’t put on a swim cap in about, oh say, 11 years so this was going to be a challenge. Some of the other BRA members are triathletes who swim on a more regular basis. I assumed that I would be in the back as per usual, swimming with the little to medium fishies. I assumed that the pool may not remember me or if it did, it would be resentful of my leaving.

Boy was I wrong. My first 100 meters was a tad fast. Again, I haven’t swam in a lap pool in quite some time so I’m a bit unsure about pacing. But I impressed myself. I swam about 1,000 meters and awoke muscles that hadn’t been used in quite some time. I felt like Darryl Hannah getting her Splash on in the bath tub. Like a fish back to water, the pool welcomed me back with wet, open arms. Thus my first love and I were reunited.

I don’t know where our relationship is headed but “we both are so excited, cause we’re reunited, hey hey…..”