Since I have been my life away lately, I figured I could do a review of some of the items I use in my quest to rest-ice-compress-elevate. Most of these you may have heard about, but there could one or two gems that will help you get through a running injury. Well, maybe not the mental anguish part. I kid, I kid. Prozac works for that. Gotcha again! Ain’t I a stinker?

Speaking of stinker, I love me some Tiger Balm. It smells like every other menthol product out there but the cute little tiger on the bottle makes me feel better. It’s pretty strong stuff and it’s very inexpensive. I’m sure I posted about it before, but it’s worth mentioning again.

I wear it so often that my co-worker made a PowerPoint presentation about it. My HTML skills aren’t that great so I have no idea how to post it. Basically it was a bunch of photos of Tiger Balm and people who look like this guy:

Yeah, it’s not exactly the most delicious smelling stuff. But damn if it doesn’t feel good.

I’ve also been using various forms of ice. I’ve used bags of frozen peas, buckets of ice water, good old fashioned ziplock baggies of ice and various other cold items. Unfortunately, Lloyd has been suffering through all of this and sleeping next to my legs instead of my cold feet.

The best store bought cold therapy I use is this guy from CVS:

As shown in the photo you can wrap it anywhere and it’s reusable. I’m pretty sure the Redhead uses it as does Speedy Jess. It stays cold for a good period of time and the velcro helps it stay on. Now that I look at the picture I feel kind of bad for that lady with it wrapped around her neck. Ouch!
I also tried out these CVS brand “peas.” Meh. They were ok. Not as good as a real bag of frozen peas because the weight of them isn’t the same.

Last but not least in my quest to R.I.C.E. a co-worker told me about these ankle braces that she and her skating buddies wear. Apparently they are good for hiking and skating but I figured they would be just as good for running. And wouldn’t you know it? They are! They come in three different thicknesses depending on what you need. Please check out the website here because they also offer some other items that could come in handy for the lot of us.
I really like the fact that they are thin enough to fit in my running shoes and while they aren’t super tight like a regular brace they do offer additional support.
This is the ankle bootie:

And there you have it. B.o.B.’s secrets. I bestow them on any of you having a stupid injury.

Speaking of injuries, Old Wonky seems to be at bay and I’m happy to report I ran yesterday morning and this morning! While I’m not putting up the big numbers yet, it seems that I may be able to pick back up training for MCM. Keep your fingers crossed!
Happy Hump Day.