Or The 22.5 miler that wasn’t.

(Remember from Rocky and Bullwinkle, Fractured Fairy Tales? They always had two titles.)

The Redhead got in to town last night about 5:45 PM and we watched Coach EK’s video from Chicago. It was so inspiring! I think we got a little weepy watching it. Don’t judge. Then we watched some Golden Girls, deciding that I am Bea Arthur and she is Estelle Getty. And at o’light thirty we hit the hay. Always great to have her over, we act a fool and laugh at each other.

For the long run today, for starters, I had the P.C.’s (poopy cramps) for the entire run. I felt so bad asking P-Funk to stop at every restroom and porta-potty we came to. She’s such a trooper though, so I am sure she didn’t mind.

Then at about the 9 mile mark my ankle started hurting. It is on my outer left ankle down by my heel. This led the awesome BRA coaches to believe it’s my Achilles.

I made it to the 13 1/2 mile turn around and it kept hurting. Normally, if something hurts on me during a run I usually just gut it out and it goes away. I know that things are going to be sore and achy after so many miles, no matter what you do. This was not the same. By mile 16 it really hurt. And at mile 17 3/4 I had to walk. Like a wounded soldier I told P-Funk to go on without me. (I am soooo dramatic.)

When I met up with the group at the water stop, the Redhead looked so concerned, bless her heart. She handed me an anti-inflammatory and warned about making it worse. The rest of the group concurred. Sadly, I had to throw in the towel at 18 miles.

For about 30 seconds I thought about crying. But then I realized that was silly. I would rest up and get right and be on my merry way. Speedy Jess mentioned how this could really be a lesson for others. Stop when it hurts. Don’t make it worse. Use the R.I.C.E. method. And then hit your next long run when you are all healed.

She’s right. This is a lesson that I think a lot of us endurance athletes (Holy crap! I’m an endurance athlete?!?!) need to learn. Hopefully, not the hard way.

Tonight I’ll be resting. And tomorrow I won’t hit my recovery run, perhaps I’ll just do some laps in the pool. I am trying not to worry too much and hope this is just a blip on the training schedule. I hope you all had a great weekend!

Catch you on the flip side of R.I.C.E., R.I.C.E baby!