The S.O. has been wearing Riplaces for several races now and has been saying how much he enjoys them. When we went to the triathlon Scenic 17 a few weeks ago, Riplaces was there and we stopped to say hello. They graciously offered me a pair to review and said they'd be happy to do a giveaway of two pairs. I admit that they looked complicated, but when they told me a certain, tiny, blonde super fast female pro triathlete had been wearing them, I couldn't resist. 

Ok, so first things first. What the heck are riplaces?

Riplaces are like little bungees for your shoes. Unlike other "fast" lace designs, once they are on you don't mess with them again. No tightening or adjusting or anything. Just slip your foot in and go! Again, I was skeptical, because look at all the parts. Eek!

Fortunately, the video on the website is perfect in showing how to put them on. It takes about 10-15 minutes to get them on your shoes but once you get going, it's not too difficult. I'm not saying it's as easy as one, two, three, but it's not like you're changing a tire or anything. If I can do it, that's saying something. (Side note: I once put together an Ikea bookshelf that fell apart later that day. Haha!) 

Here's the finished product. 

The little skulls are a fun option or you can use all the regular pieces instead. And I chose purple riplaces, but they come in all different colors. And, once they were on my shoes, I just slipped my foot in. I really love that. In addition to that one pro lady I mentioned, Matt Reed has been rocking Riplaces too. 

Now, I didn't have a race to wear the Riplaces for but I did want to test them out during my long run on Saturday. I woke up early, as always, and slid my shoes on. I ran 11 miles and my shoes felt great. No muss, no fuss. And no worry about double knotting the laces. Best part? After I got home, I just slid them off. I didn't even need to bend over to untie them. 

Post run thumbs up!
I can only imagine how fast these babies make transitions. I was honestly surprised at how much I like them. They'll be staying in my shoes for good. 

Want to win a pair? Enter the rafflecopter link below and Riplaces will select the winner August 16th. Good luck!

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