The one really tough thing about writing a blog is putting those BHAGs out there. What’s a BHAG? It’s a big, hairy audacious goal. And while I have shied away from them at times in the past, other times, I’ve felt ready to go after them and shout them from the rooftops. Two parts of my “why” for writing this blog are accountability and encouragement. Both come in very handy when going after goals.
In discussing the upcoming marathon with Coach Mason, she and I are were very aligned in what we think would be a good race strategy and goal. I told her that I thought 3:45 was a stretch and she agreed. I think the day would have to be perfect for a 3:45, but I still want to go after a personal best. My marathon PR, which is very dusty, is a 3:48. So what do I shoot for? Why a 3:47 of course.
Ultimately, I think a 3:47 is in the realm of possibility and I don’t feel it’s outlandish, even if it is only two minutes slower than that 3:45. The course is flat, the weather looks good and I feel ready.
My last marathon attempt, Grandma’s, resulted in a DNF. And the one prior, Jacksonville, was more of a 26.2 mile long run than a race. I’m stronger now than I was for both of those – mentally and physically.
I do have some lesser non-time based goals, because I think those are important too. I want to stay out of the “bite me zone.” I want to stay positive throughout the race. I want to toe the start line with a smile on my face and the will to succeed. A lot of this marathon is mental for me and I’ve been doing some visualizations and positive self talk to prepare.
My race strategy is start at a nine minute mile for the first one to three miles and then work my way down. The 3:47 pace is an 8:39. This relaxed start is exactly what got me that 3:48 way back when in Fort Lauderdale.
So there it is. The BHAG. It’s out there and I’m owning it, because I know I can do it. Five sleeps until geaux time!