As anyone who has ever completed a marathon knows, the weeks after the marathon can be a little strange. Here you were, just weeks ago training your brains out and thinking when is this marathon going to get here? And then before you know it, wham! You finished, got your medal, and basked in your awesomeness.

But then….it was over. What next?

Well, if you are like me, you become a greedy running maniac, just looking for your next fix. Like Charlie Sheen on the drug Charlie Sheen, you become a total addict.

Because of this post marathon lag, I’m a greedy runner right now. I want to run as much as I can and I want to sign up for as many races as I can. I think it’s to replace the void that I feel after a marathon. “People may mistake my passion for anger…”So I will do what all addicts and the greedy do. No, not shack up with multiple porn stars, I’ll sign up for more races. Let’s see, I’ve got a 5K coming up in April and that *gulp* Olympic distance tri in May, plus the Cleveland Half…but I want more. I’m not sure where this thirst for running came from, sure it’s always been there before but right now seems like I need to RUN a la Forrest Gump. (How many pop culture references can I fit in one post? I’m on a roll.)Since I’m heading to Cali in two weeks to visit a friend, I may find a 5K there or just run around like Katy Perry sans the cupcake bra. Wait. That didn’t sound good. I’ll still wear a bra, it just won’t look like a Little Debbie snack cake. Also does anyone know if Charlie Sheen runs? I can totally see that being a fun race….Anyway, here’s hoping I get my fix soon or I may start saying crazy things like “I have tiger blood!” or “I’m tired of pretending I’m not a total bitchin’ rockstar from Mars!”