I’ve recently been sent a new product to test and host a give away for. I think a few other bloggers on the block may have tried it as well. And as always, I’ll give you my honest review and let you try it for yourself.

The Product: Rokit Fuel For Humans

What it is: Rokit Fuel For Humans consists of several different products that are all natural. When I read the ingredients I knew what all of them were. Bonus for no added chemicals and crap. They offer a cereal, an energy mix, and a bar.

The Bar: Holy cow! This bar had so much stuff in it, I dubbed it the “everything but the kitchen sink” bar. I tested the Original and could only eat half of it. I would totally use this bar as a meal replacement because it was super filling.

The Cereal: Mmmm….cereal…mmmmm. This cereal comes in a little tub so you can just pour the milk right in. It was delicious. I tried the Cherry Almond and it was just really tasty. It has lots of oats and big cherries. I didn’t feel hungry again for a while. It does have a lot of fiber and that’s usually a good thing, just be careful mixing with coffee! Lol!

The Energy Mix: Truth be told here, I personally, did not try the energy mix. The mix itself is basically more wholesome oats, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Again, lots of natural good-for-you stuff. For some reason, this product didn’t appeal to me after a workout. It reminded me of a cold oatmeal. The mix comes in a pouch and you add water, juice, or milk and then mix it up and eat.

Fortunately, Navy Steve (our running group’s resident Ironman), was available to give it a try. And guess what? He liked it so much he asked for any additional pouches I had. Since he had ridden his bike 60+ miles, then swam over a mile, and then ran 4 miles – I’d take his word for it.

Bottom Line: Rokit Fuel For Humans (don’t you love that tagline?) is a great product line that has something for everyone. I can totally see you trail runners and hikers eating these mixes on the go. I prefer the bar and the cereal myself but may try one of the mixes at some point. It’s all very healthy and filling, which is exactly what we endurance folks look for.

Want to try it out yourself? Go to the Rokit Fuel website and “Like” them on facebook. OR simply go to the website and check it out. Leave me a comment on how you would implement this into to fueling needs.

I’ll send the winner a sample of the mix, cereal, and a bar. I will announce the winner on Thursday since I’m heading out of town on Friday to see Red and Spike.

Happy Tuesday!