Welcome to 2011 folks! I am feeling optimistic and rejuvenated. Well, emotionally I feel that way, cause man is my ass hurting today. Ha ha.

I decided to begin incorporating some spin classes into my life because that tri number 2 is right around the corner. And as such my bum is a hurtin!

I hit up my 18 miler with Cute K on Sunday and am proud to report we averaged 8:45 minute miles. I know the long runs aren’t supposed to be fast but I didn’t feel like I was struggling at this pace until about mile 16. And let’s be honest here, by mile 16 things start to hurt anyway. I’ll be sure to slow it down for the first half this week as I have another 18 miler on deck.

Lately, I’ve been a total slacker on Mondays, thus I decided that would be the best day of the week to work in the spinning. Fortunately, Big Sis goes to an awesome spin studio and I really enjoyed it. The spin studio has two gigantic video screens where you can watch the music videos as you ride your booty off. I told P-Funk it helps get your mind off of the fact that you are about to die, especially if it’s a song you enjoy and you know how much longer until that particular song of torture ends. I personally prefer the sprinting on the spin bike to the slow, hard “up-hills.” Which obviously translates to the fact that any hill on the “real” bike kicks my tush.

In any event, I’m so happy I took the class and have realized something that will help me in my quest to tri number 2. I’m not terrible on the bike. I can turn my legs over and my cardio is good enough to maintain a quick-ish (let’s not get ahead of ourselves here B.o.B.) pace. The main problem I have, is fear.

I’m afraid to fall on the “real” bike and scrape my face. After all, that is my money maker. Heh. I guess it’s just something I’ll have to work on.

Speaking of bikes, this weekend is the big bike purchasing weekend. I’ve gathered up the smartest group of cyclists I know and they are accompanying me to pick up the new addition to my endurance family. I’m actually most excited to name it. I know, I am such a dork.
That’s all for me kids. Have a great Tuesday. Oh, and for fun, feel free to count the amount of synonyms I used for the derriere.