Last night at the Gangster Hills a fellow runner’s toes got into a fight. I didn’t have my camera so I’ll spare you the image of these two toe’s duking it out but this is how it went down:

Toe 1: What are you looking at?

Toe 2: Whatever I feel like looking at. In fact I bite my toenail at you sir.

Toe 1: What the crap does that mean?

Toe 2: I dunno. Some Shakespeare guy said it.

Toe 1: Well it’s lame. Just like you.

Toe 2: You want to take this outside?

Toe 1: Um, we’re stuck in socks and shoes so no. But we can do this. Right here. Right now.

Toe 2: Oh it’s go time!

[Toes begin to beat the crap out of each other and bloody sock ensues]

Toe 1: Well that was dumb.

Toe 2: Yes it was. That escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast.

Toe 1: Sure did. Let’s call a truce shall we?

Toe 2: Yes. I will never bite my toenail at you again sir.

[And scene]

This is what happens when you have an overactive imagination and nothing really to report on regarding the running front. Training continues…

Happy Tuesday, stay outta trouble.