Happy Sunday friends! I rarely post on the weekends but I’ve got some free time in between laundry, grocery shopping (blech), and catching up on the DVR of today’s tour. 
I had a great holiday weekend that was rounded out today with a nice little 5K. I’ve run this race a couple of times in the past and was really looking forward to it. It’s held at a park I know very well but the course for this race is different. It typically goes off the pavement and into a single track trail. I love the trail because it provides the opportunity to run a tad slower so you don’t bust your face. 
Considering that I rode a bunch the last three days AND ate way too much yummy food at a wedding last night, I was feeling iffy on this race when I woke up. My legs didn’t feel too bad but my stomach was definitely not feeling it. It’s never a good sign when you hit up the restrooms two three times before a race. 
Thanks champagne!
Unfortunately, due to all of the rain and the trail not being run on, the race route stayed on the paved route. Aw nuts. I had to run faster than I had anticipated. Fortunately, as we lined up to start my stomach seemed to settle. I told my buddy Mike I’d stick with him since we run about the same pace. I learned my lesson on the Father’s Day 5K (exact same course) and decided to really try to conserve on that first mile. As a bonus, this race started at 8 AM which made a big difference. It seemed cooler out.
The first mile came and went and I was happy I reigned it in at a 7:48. I didn’t feel too tired and my heart rate felt low to me. I also felt really relaxed which is totally NOT normal. As I got to mile two, I picked it up a bit and started to feel the burn. Mike was with me for most of mile two and we took turns leading each other. As I hit the two and a half mile mark my legs started feeling the burn and I had a pretty nasty side stitch. I reminded myself that I wanted to have a better race time than the last 5K I did here and I dug deep. Mike fell a little behind me so I tried keep up the pace to pull him in. 
I got near the finish line, saw a woman I tried to catch with no avail, and crossed with a time of 24:22. It wasn’t chip timed so I was excited to see that my hand written card was the first one to go in my age group designated spot. I hoped there wasn’t a woman faster in my age group who just took a longer time turning in her card. 
As they announced the age group awards I was stoked to hear I got first place and even more stoked that no super speedies had shown up. I love small races. 
My split times were much more even today with a 7:48, 7:48, and 7:51. I ran the last .13 at a 6:55 pace. This race is again another example that I’m regaining speed and strength and I ran a heck of a lot smarter this time. 
Have a great Sunday everyone!