Happy Monday! I’m calling this a wee-port cause it’s a little one.

Yesterday was the 5K I run almost every summer, the Run thru Hell. It’s considered a cross country race because there is some trail and some pavement and it’s the Run Thru Hell cause there is LOTS of heat. Florida in July? Oui.

Cute K, Miss Mandy, and I headed to the start and got our too big tech shirts and were ready to race by 8 AM. This race is pretty informal since there are no chips and the starting line was a big tree. Heh.

I wanted to stay with Cute K, since she’s faster than me and I figured she could pull me along. So for the first mile I sort of did. However, I had run a tough ten miler on Saturday so it’s safe to say my legs were tired and I hadn’t really “trained” for this race. Plus, again, Cute K is fast. Thus, after we got out of some trail and on to some pavement, the speedy Cute one left me in the dust.

I carried on and felt hot and tired, as is typical of a 5K in July. I came upon the 2.5 mile mark and Miss Mandy had caught up to me. Miss Mandy is the youngin’ in the group and she’s only getting faster. I couldn’t hang with her fast butt either. I told Miss Mandy dueces and tried to keep her in my sights to the finish.

The final 100 meters lead you to a steep drop into some mud and then right back up out of it to the finish. It’s a fun finish to this race and I enjoy it every year. I didn’t get too muddy this year as it hadn’t rained Saturday night.

The final dip into the mud.

I got lucky and got a first place in my age group with a time of 24:47. It was not my best 5K but what can I expect in a cross country race in July? I’ll take it.

Post race, we all got our burgers and dogs and waited for the awards. As I walked over to pick up my Mix1 the gentleman passing them out said, “You’re at every race!” I giggled, since it seems like I have been lately. We chatted and I told him thanks for the drink. I really like their light version with only 90 calories and lots of protein.

I had read online that the race was also giving out “prizes” to those who placed. It said “sunglasses” but they wound up being more like safety goggles. WTF? Too frickin’ funny. Cute K and I got first place AG awards and these “sunglasses” while Miss Mandy came in second in her AG and got socks. I totally wanted the socks.

Being silly with our “sunglasses”. Miss Mandy’s got her socks on her head. She wanted to be included.

I had a super fun Sunday and followed up my 5K with 1,600 meters in the pool. I’ve got one more race this month and I think I’m ready for a little break in August.

Make sure to come back tomorrow cause I’m having an EPIC give away. Seriously. EPIC. Have a great day!