This post is about being safe.

Ok, fine. Not that kind of safe. But I feel this post is way over due on my end, so please accept my apology. But Hollster’s story got me and the BRA (running group) discussing some safety precaussions that we as road warriors must adhere too.

Ok fine. Not that kind of road warrior. But we as runners and cyclists and swimmers must think about our safety cause it’s almost guaranteed that some of those who we share the road with aren’t.

With regards to Hollster, the simple act of her writing a friend’s phone number on the back of her race bib really came in handy when she was in the medical tent. She just ran a marathon and had no cell phone and wasn’t sure who to call. Fortunatley, she had written V’s cell phone number in that emergency contact space on the back of her race rib. She was able to call V, who was spectating, and let her know where she was and that she was fine.

But imagine if she hadn’t. Imagine if she wasn’t fine (thank God she was), but just think about the medics trying to find someone who was her link to her family. It’s so important that we take this very, very simple step when we race. Especially those long races, but it’s important at the shorter ones too.

In addition to writing that contact number down, we need to have ID. Carry a cell phone, carry an ID, or write your number in underwear for all I care, but have something that identifies who you are! A good story of this is from my buddy Cay-See who is a cycling machine. She didn’t have ID on her when she was struck by a vehicle while on her bike and the medics had a difficult time locating her family. Again, thank God she was ok, but this is where items like Road ID come in super handy. I know that I would hate if they couldn’t let my family what happened to me if I end up in the ER for any reason.

I’ve been a total slacker in getting that Road ID, but today I pledge to order one. Won’t you all join me? Order a Road ID, right your emergency contact on those race bibs, and think about how much this will help your friends and family in case of an emergency. We do it for our pets and children, shouldn’t we do it for ourselves?

That’s it for my Friday thoughts. I have a long run on deck for tomorrow AM and an OWS for tomorrow afternoon. I hope the jellyfish aren’t biting!

Have a great weekend and be safe!