Holy stinky running shoes Batman! Where the crap did all of you come from? How is it that there are over a hundred of you reading this fluff, er I mean my Nobel prize worthy journalism?

YIKES! The pressure is almost too great for me to go on!

Then where would all of you be? Not too worry my minions readers, I will continue to write thought provoking prose. Such as when those toes got into a fight (this) and when it was too hot to run (this). Deep stuff right?

For today’s post I really just wanted to say thanks for all of the awesome comments, encouragement, and dialogue you all provide (not to mention all of your own awesome blogs!). I am getting a little choked up over here thinking about how amazing you all are. Your own blogs make me want to be a better writer and runner! Is this enough ass kissing?

As a little recap of my current running life I am only 61 days away from my third marathon. Incredible. For that other blog, I offer a glimpse into how my marathon life, so to speak, began. I warn you, it’s a tear jerker. OK, not really but it does offer some insight into why I began this crazy journey and how I became this crazy running person. Click here to read all about it.

I love this running life and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Thanks again.