I was once told that secrets don’t make friends. I often tell myself this when I try to keep secrets and fail miserably, thus making myself feel better for not putting it in the vault (Seinfeld rules!).

Monday I received an email from my sister, E, about a biathlon on the beach near us on Sunday. She suggested I sign up for this and she’d come watch (AKA laugh her ass off). It’s a 2 mile run, 0.33 mile swim, and then a 2 mile run. It’s followed by a slip n slide, so I am sure that also swayed her to offer me up to the sharks.

I told her I’d think about it. I turned secretively to my fellow BRA member, Navy Steve, whom I consider to be the most knowledgeable on tri’s. (I know this is a Bi people, but stay with me.) Since he knows how I swim and run I figured he could help me decide whether or not this was a good idea. I didn’t want to let people know I was considering this, especially those who may show up and see me flail around in the ocean. And thus laugh themselves into a coma.

He came up with some Pros and Cons. (Yay, list time!)

– you can swim, just don’t go out too fast
– you can run 4 miles
– transition should be easy, take off shoes put on goggles then take off goggles put on shoes
– a new challenge!
– NO BIKE (biggie for me since I have a fear of scraping my face at high rates of speed)
– will be a PR
– won’t interfere with other training as Sunday is recovery run day

– 2 early days in a row
– haven’t trained for it
– tired after Saturday’s 16 miler
– run is on the beach
– “I won’t be there.” Navy Steve (he said he meant for support, but I think he meant cause he couldn’t participate, the BRA is a competitive lot)
– lungs will be burning due to sprinting
– first open water swim in the ocean (saltwater and cootie bungalows!!*)

After our email exchange I decided to go for it. And then promptly told my buddy the Redhead. And swore her to secrecy. I was going to do a surprise race report. This was all on Monday by 2 PM.

But by about 5:30 on Monday after full on obsess-fest, I decided I had to share with my BRA and facebook friends. So why not tell my bloggy peeps too? I need feedback, support, and possible CPR.

See? Terrible secret keeper.

I am nervous. Please provide supportive comments below.

*Those random things that brush up against you while in a large body of water = cootie bungalows.