Happy Friday kids! I have a super busy weekend planned and am pretty excited about it. First, my lovely Redhead is coming to visit and we are going to knock out 18 miles together. Second, GIRLS SLEEPOVER! That’s right, some ladies from the BRA and I are heading over to V’s for a good old fashioned slumber party (except with booze yay!). Then I have a first meeting on Sunday with my sister’s soon to be Parents-In-Law. Yeah, one of the S girls is finally throwing in the towel and taking one for the team.
Also, I am SUPER DUPER excited because Champion sent me some sample items to test out. I love their line already and they sent me some stuff to wear in the cooler temps. I’ll be getting you all a review shortly. Since I already L-O-V-E their sports bra’s I am sure I’ll enjoy the tops they sent. An 18 miler should be enough test time.

Anyway, I hope you all have great weekends. Today, I leave you with this video, it always cracks me up.

You can have it your way, but don’t get crazy.