I’ve sorta kinda not really eased my way back into running and I must admit I haven’t been as cautious as I probably should be. I just can’t help myself. I’m a runner and I love running. Is there a 12 step program for this somewhere?
This week so far I’ve completed three runs. I did a four miler on Monday, a three miler on Tuesday, and then a five miler last night. Last night’s run was thrilling because I held on to nine minute miles for the entire five. This helps me see that I haven’t lost as much fitness as I thought. Although, I know I’ll definitely need to slow it down to go longer. TWSS?
Now going back to my easing into it idea, I definitely wasn’t planning on doing anything too crazy. I was absolutely not going to really race anything and just be a casual runner. Then I saw this:
Und I say to ze dolphin…
Behold! The Sarasota Half Marathon medal. What can I say? I’m a bling hoarder. I love medals and this one is so pretty. The only way it could be better is if it were a unicorn.
Not sure if you read the date up there on that image but yeah, that’s next weekend. That’s right. I’m running a half marathon next weekend. Now before you all get your panties in a bunch I know four other local bloggers running this race and I’ve decided to hang with some of them. My plan is to go out for the first three to four miles VERY easy. I want to finish the darn thing and most importantly, not get injured. Then after that first three to four miles I’ll make the back half my easy paced long run. You with me so far?
This basically leaves this weekend and next to fit in a long run and taper. Ha! I know this seems like a ridiculous good idea right now but it’s more than likely gonna hurt. I’m ready for the pain to bring home those shiny pretty dolphins. Come to mama fish breath!
I’m shooting for a 10K tomorrow and will see how I feel for next week. Here’s hoping I don’t pull a hammy or blow out a butt cheek. Heh.
Happy Friday friends! Enjoy your weekends.