In keeping with Red’s now infamous format I think I’ll keep up this monthly recap deal. I like looking at my stats and it gives me something to blog about when I’m having blog writer’s block. It’s a win-win really.

I love October because it means my favorite holiday is nearly here! Halloween rules! Here’s the rundown on September.

Run 144 miles. Well hello mega marathon training!
Bike 91 miles. Much better than last month but I still need to up this.
Swim 8 miles. Better than last month. Gotta keep upping it until that Frogman 5K!
Races Nada. Lots of training but nary a race in sight.
Current Reads After realizing last month that my reading had fallen into a rut I finished two books in September. I reviewed one of them, The 25,000 Mile Love Story. In addition to that one I read The Fault in Our Stars and I think I mentioned how much I absolutely LOVED this book. It’s beautiful and sad and funny and just so damn good. Go pick it up right now! I’m currently reading Catch-22 and it’s pretty funny. I didn’t ever choose to read this one in high school so I figured I’d “catch” up. Get it? Har har.
Current Obsession Sleep.
Current Song There’s nothing really popping out at me right now. Although, I do love the Soul Train/Daft Punk mash up video that features the Soul Train dancers.

Current Need More hours in the day to get all these workouts in. IMChatt is gonna prove how creative I can be with a schedule. For real.
Current Triumph Becoming a brand ambassador for Spandits! I can’t wait to tell you all more about this! In the meantime, go check out the line. Fabulous!
Current Bane of My Existence Figuring out how to eat gluten free. The S.O. was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and it’s been a challenge, more so for him of course, but I am also finding it hard to make things he loves (hello, chocolate chip cookies) without gluten. I know it’s better for us in general, and quite honestly, I thought this whole gluten free thing was a trend. Boy was I wrong! It was actually making him sick! And as it turns out, it’s much better to skip the gluten in general.
Current Goal Not miss any running workouts this month. Last month’s goal was to have more fun training and I think I did that pretty well with the exception of that awful 15 miler. I was even smiling at track!
Current Indulgence That TV show Sleepy Hollow. It’s not that great but it’s sorta Halloween-y so I’m going to keep watching.
Current Blessings Figuring out what was making the S.O. sick so that we could fix it and get him feeling better! And being able to run all these dang miles.
Current Excitment Halloween and going to DC to cheer my face off for the many, many friends and S.O. running MCM!!!! It’s going to be amazing. Leave me a comment if you’ll be there. I’m sure I’ll be in some sort of costume holding some sort of ridiculous sign. Ha!

How was your September? Excited for Halloween too?

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