September was a fantastic month with a racecation and lots of fun training with friends. My bike and swim mileage went down a bit, while my run mileage went up a bit. After my race this month on the 16th, I’ll switch gears to more run training. My big race isn’t until March, Myrtle Beach Marathon, but I do have some shorter distance races thrown in as well. It’s now my FAVORITE month of the year and I can’t wait to celebrate all things spooky! Here’s how September shook out…

Run 87 miles

Bike 105 miles

Swim 7 miles

Strength & Conditioning 1 session….oops (and 1 yoga on da beach)

Races Alabama Coastal Triathlon

Current Reads I finished How Bad Do You Want It and I like it so much that I mailed a copy to my friend Tina in New York. If you are struggling with the mental side of racing, read this book. I’ve got a whole mess of books to choose from so I’ll update you all when I choose.

Current Obsession Snapchat. Yes, I’m old and lame and super behind the times, but I’m now on snapchat and making ridiculous videos all day long. Ha!

Current Song Does the podcast Lore count as a song? If so, then that’s on heavy rotation.

Current Need I would like a little more time to train and coach and learn. How can I get more hours in the day? Should I sleep less? Naaaah.

Current Triumph I met my goal last month of racing hard and having fun. I haven’t really had that much fun at a race in a long time. I’m looking forward to my olympic distance triathlon this month too.

Current Bain of My Existence The Election and everyone and their mother’s opinion on it. I’m SO over it.

Current Goal As the weather cools down I’d like to focus on getting more run speed. It’s been coming back but I know cooler temperatures will help. I need to get back to the track and hit it hard.

Current Indulgence Noosa yogurt. It’s pure sugar. And it’s delicious. I can’t buy it often or I’ll eat the hell out of it.

Current Blessings My little Lloyd. He’s an old man now and I’m thankful for everyday that I get to spend with him. He’s 15 and still kicking.

Current Excitement HALLOWEEN!!!