As the title of this post suggests I am going to shamelessly plug a product. While they didn’t ask me to write about it, I liked it so dang much that I am going to!

I know some other bloggers out there have also given this product a go, but do any of them live in the most sweltering state of all? No, not Arizona. No, not Hawaii. Florida. Yep. It’s hot as bajeesus out here during the summer. And sunny. And humid. (It’s totally the humidity that gets you!)

Speaking of humidity, what happens when it’s hot and humid? Well, you sweat like a beast. In doing so, the SPF you so carefully rubbed on yourself starts to drip in your eyes. It burns like an STD. (Or so I’ve heard. Heh. Terrible joke, I know.)

Anyway, this new product came out called SCAPE. And the sweeties over there kindly sent me some. They were all, “oh, it won’t get in your eyes” and “oh, it doesn’t run” and “oh, it’s noncomedogenic” (big word for let’s the skin breathe).

I personally tried it on my long run on Saturday. I also made P-Funk wear it to make sure it wasn’t a one trick pony. Sure enough, neither of us got it in our eyes, and neither of us got sun. We didn’t run in the dead of the day so I went one tester further. I had my good lil’ buddy V try it out on one of her SCUBA dives.

This is what she said:

“Tried it yesterday and was MOST impressed. Doubtful that sunscreen will receive a tougher workout than the one it received yesterday.

I applied prior getting dressed in early a.m. Was on a dive boat from 8:30 a.m. until 1:40 p.m. During my dives I wore a full body wet suit, did an hour long dive followed by a :50 surface interval on the boat in full sun. During that time I removed the top part of the wet suit. Typically I would reapply sunscreen to upper body during this time as the salt water and wet suit would have removed other sunscreens I’d used previously. Yesterday, due to the heavy seas it was too much work to reapply. I went on another :50 dive then removed my wet suit for the boat trip back. Was in full sun for the boat ride back with no reapplication.

NO SUNBURN and hardly any tan. It applies pretty thick but… IT WORKS! There isn’t another sunscreen I’ve tried where I wouldn’t have gotten burned yesterday. Was sure I was going to end up toasted but it did the job.”

And there you have it.

Remember guys and gals, sunscreen can save your life, so I don’t really care what you use when you’re out on the trails, pavement, pool, or track but I will say SCAPE is true to it’s ads.

It’s Tuesday! Get ‘er done!