A co-worker of mine practices yoga regularly and stumbled upon this class (Flying Asana/Swing Yoga) in Downtown Tampa. Knowing that I’m a sucker for an interesting workout, she asked me to join her. I in turn asked P-Funk and Kiki to come with us. The more the merrier right?

A back story on me and yoga. I am not a huge fan of what I call “regular” yoga. I get bored and have a very hard time concentrating. Yes, I know that is what yoga is for, but my brain just never shuts up. On the other hand, I love Bikram, hot flow, and Pilate’s. They keep me more interested and I feel as though I get a better workout from them. This is just me personally, so if you love yoga, more power to you!

Hence when I saw this class, I thought, “Score!” another fun yoga class. Lord knows I need the stretching. The class description says “we use the yoga swing” but it’s more like a lot of soft fabric hanging in a U shape from the rafters.

The beginning of class was the most difficult for me and I’m pretty sure for P-Funk too. She mouthed “I hate you” at one point but it was all in fun because we were both fairly wobbly to start. Getting used to letting your body rely on a swing hanging from the ceiling is a bit unnerving at first.

When we all got more comfortable there was lots of giggling and checking each other out in various forms of “flight.” As a runner, this class really helped stretch out my sore legs and hips. In addition, the traditional poses of downward dog and chataranga are much more strengthening with your ankles held up by the swing. My arms were shaking as we did planks and pikes. I even started sweating and could feel my core working to keep my upper body, well, up. It was a lot tougher than doing planks with your feet on the ground. Of course, I loved this.

After lots of planks and stretching we got to do some fancy moves and I was astounded by the non-beginners in the class. They made all the moves look easy. Although, I have to hand it to my girls, they didn’t balk at doing any of the moves – even the swinging upside ones! Those were hard to get at first but after a few tries we all flipped upside down.

Thank goodness for the studio owner, Francine. She definitely knows her stuff and did some very cool poses. The class moved at a great pace too. I never got bored and couldn’t wait for the next pose. I loved hanging upside down and swinging! So fun!

In full disclosure P-Funk got a little bit woozy from the swinging. She said she does have some motion sickness so that’s something to consider. I don’t think it’s terrible and she finished the class with a big smile on her face. But it is something I want to point out.

That’s an upside down smile if you couldn’t tell. Hahaha. Also, if you love Savasana (the period of relaxation at the end of class) then the “cocoon hammock” you make out of the fabric for this Savasana will make you fall in love. (I tried to swing mine because I’m bad at Savasana. Sorry!)

I will absolutely do this class again. (I swear I’ll relax Francine!) I highly recommend looking for one in your home town. But if you are ever in Tampa check it out HERE.