As some of you may have noticed, or at least I hope you noticed, the posting slowed down quite a bit here on D.R. after my rabbit post. The reason is because I had a dirty little secret and I didn’t want to jump the gun on posting too soon.

Recently I have been having some shin pain. In July I bought a pair of shoes that I ran in for about a month and the pain started. I changed shoes in August and it let up bit, plus I took a week off of running to let the shin rest. Here recently it has been giving me pain again. The worst came after Saturday’s 14 1/2 miler.

I’ve had shin splints before and this didn’t sound or feel like shin splints. The shin bone hurt to the touch and it throbbed randomly after I ran. Uh-oh, I thought. Sounds like a stress fracture or at least something on the way to becoming one. Since I’ve been around a lot of injuries lately, I’ve become quite paranoid and so I scheduled an appointment to see an ortho on Tuesday.

After what can only be described as an obnoxious doctor’s visit (long wait, Doogie Howser style intern, and a doctor who didn’t listen when I talked), I was prescribed an MRI. The doctor thought it was a possible stress reaction. Fortunately, I got the MRI yesterday as well and had the chance to go back today to have it reviewed.

The good news is that it’s not a stress fracture or even a stress reaction. It’s apparently inflamed tissue right over the bone and right around the bone. I guess that’s why when I pressed the bone it hurt. I had similar symptoms of a stress reaction but thankfully it wasn’t the case. Damn sheep in wolf’s clothing!

I was given clearance to run Augusta (seriously – THANK GOD! I would have hated making my team bail!). And I was given some prednisone to help with the inflammation. (Side note: My mom said prednisone makes you hungry and reminded me of when we had to give it to our family dog and she got so fat in like one week. Eek! Just roll me through the streets of Augusta! Heh.)

Ok, so the only bad news here is that after Augusta I was told to rest. And of course, when I asked for how long, he just said, until it stops hurting. Uh, does he not know that runners need definite dates for resting? I am going to attempt a full week off after Augusta and then I’ll go from there.

Happy, happy stress fracture free Wednesday!