You ever have one of those days where people are just annoying the hell out of you? Smart asses, dumb asses, jack asses and everyone in between are on your last damn nerve and you think you are gonna lose your job for telling everyone to go suck a toad? Yeah? Me too.

When I have those days, the best cure is the track. I know I have mentioned this before but for whatever reason when I get to the track and see my running buds it’s like a weight lifting. I smile at my running friends and can’t wait to let loose around and around, over and over.

Because at some point while I’m running around that track I’m no longer an employee, no longer a Subject Matter Expert, no longer a nine-to-fiver who needs a break from disgruntled phone calls and never ending emails, but just a girl, running around the track, having some peace.

I can get some relief during the long run but I don’t need to focus as much as I do at the track. While I’m racing to hit the times I want during my 800 repeats I think about my breathing. And my form. And how my body feels. And that’s it. It’s amazing. I think this is what elites do every run. They are pushed so hard that they can’t think about the daily nonsense that so often permeates our thoughts.

While some folks think the endorphins are the running high we experience, I think it also has to do with the fact that sometimes while running we can just shut out the noise. We turn off the self-doubting, the self-loathing. We turn off the negative vibes from inner and outer sources. We don’t think. We just run. Now that I run the way that I do, the whole Forrest Gump “just run-ning” thing makes a lot more sense then when I first saw that movie. He was running to shut out the noise, shut out the Jen-nie.

For me, this type of running happens at the track.

I don’t normally give advice on this blog, because honestly, what the hell do I know (other than what works for me of course)? However, I will say find your “shut out the noise” run and do it every week. You’ll be a little happier and faster and glad for the silence.